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Come discover the benefits of traditional Okinawan karate training.
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The New England Shubukan teaches authentic traditional Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate for men , women and children. We are affiliated with the Shubukan Uema Dojo of Okinawa, Japan and serve as the USA representative for this great organization.

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We’re proud to be the USA representative for the Shubukan of Okinawa , Japan. 

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What some recent students and parents have to say about their experience with New England Shubukan

I am impressed as a mother of one of the students. My son has learned many things while studying karate here. He has learned patience, discipline and the value of exercise and good health.

He loves going to class and would love to go every night of the week. He has much respect for his sensei and we appreciate him very much.

Annamichelle DeMarino

Had a private lesson with the instructor on Monday. The interior looks amazing and identical to a genuine Asian martial arts dojo. 

The decor on the walls has photos of the early practitioners and innovators of the Okinawan style that is taught here. The instructor has decades of experience in martial arts and teaches the style very well.

You won't regret coming here to learn! Great place!

Scott Thorm

Great training community... all friends here. You have problem, you get help. This school has helped me improve academically, physically, and mentally. Thanks to sensei ken and great fellow students, we have developed a great relationship almost like a family. 

I myself have been going to karate for almost 2 years, and I will continue... and I do suggest the New England shubukan dojo to any the seek martial arts training.

Devan DeMarino

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